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CONGRATULATIONS to Nemanja Vučković, Ph.D. Candidate on publishing a new manuscript “Visualization of Latent Fingerprints Using Dextran-Based Micropowders Obtained from Anthocyanin Solution” in the Turkish Journal of Forensic Science and Crime Studies!

Based on the official Peer Review of all Applications submitted, the Decision Committee of the Innovation Fund has made the final financing decision within the Proof of Concept Program and our Application “Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Chitosan-based Biopolymer Powders in the Development of Latent Fingerprints and Their Potential as a DNA Source” (Project ID 5842) has been approved for funding. Congratulations!

Team members:

  1. Nikola Milašinović, PhD, PI
  2. Smilja Teodorović, PhD
  3. Nemanja Vučković, MSc

CONGRATULATIONS to Nemanja Vučković, Ph.D. Candidate on publishing a new manuscript “A Novel Chitosan/Tripolyphosphate/L-lysine Conjugates for Latent Fingerprints Detection and Enhancement” in the Journal of Forensic Sciences!

About Us

ПДФШтампаЕл. пошта

Forensic Polymer Section was founded on October 3, 2016. by decision signed by the Acting Dean of Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies, when the research on application of polymer (bio)materials in the detection of latent fingerprints commenced.

Section Plan and Program

After completion of courses in the field of chemistry and Engineering (Course „Chemical and Technological Engineering“) where students master fundamental knowledge about the structure and properties of materials most often used in everyday life, students, with the approval of the Head of Section, would be able to gain additional knowledge related to the synthesis and characterization of the polymer-based materials, more specifically of biopolymers. Also, students have the opportunity to achieve their personal aspirations in accordance with the Section matter, in order to improve and expand their knowledge. Selected students will acquire communication competence and scientific skills and will gain the theoretical understanding of basic scientific principles of synthesis, characterization and application of (bio)polymers in the field of forensics, forensic trace analysis from the perspective of the polymer science in addition to the existing methods and protocols.

Our Driving Force...

Research projects:

  1. Polymer (Bio)Materials in the Detection and Enhancement of Latent Fingerprints
  2. (Bio)Polymers (and their Conjugates with Metallic (Nano)Particles) as Antibacterial Materials
  3. (Bio)polymer-based preparations for fruits post-harvest storage protection


The identification of latent fingerprints is crucial for the security agencies in order to identify persons suspected of having committed criminal acts. Latent prints, often remain as random impressions onto the surfaces of various objects. Huge progress has been made in the identification processes using rolled and plain impressions fingerprints, while detection and comparison of latent prints still remains a challenging task. In addition to the existing standardized methods, our aim is to investigate the possible utilization of natural and synthetic polymers and their conjugates with the same goal, by means of latent fingerprints detection and development.

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