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University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies

The Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies was established by the Government of Serbia in 2006, after the reform of police education, and for the purpose of convergence with the EU standards. This higher education institution was established as a legal successor of the Advanced School of Internal Affairs, formed in 1972, and Police Academy, formed in 1993. The Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies is a member of the Association of European Police Colleges. The Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies is the only stand-alone higher level education institution in Serbia accredited for performing criminalistic studies.

The Academy organises and carries out: undergraduate studies - basic academic and basic professional (vocational) studies of criminalistics; graduate studies - academic studies - master and specialist studies of criminalistics.

The teachings on the above mentioned studies are carried out by teaching staff that consists of 41 teacher with PhD degree and 20 teachers with MA degree.

Special attention was paid to practical teachings, which are mostly carried out at organisational units of the Ministry of Interior, as well as other institutions dealing with security and safety affairs.

Also, the Academy, as a higher education institution, is accredited to perform scientific-research activity in the field of criminalistics. The Academy conducts research projects in criminalistic, police and security fields, publishes journal NBP - Journal of Criminalistics and Law and organises national and international conferences.

Cooperation with related institutions in country and abroad was established through realization of specific study modules, exchange of students, teachers and eminent experts, conduct of scientific researches, exchange of textbooks and other literature etc.